The weather today feels so awesome! Maybe it’s because I’m pregnant, but this summer has seemed extra hot! In honor of this beautiful day I want to celebrate the upcoming season and encourage others to look around at all the recent signs reassuring us that fall is just around the corner! fall-desktop-wallpaper-free-4

targetlady1–The sorority girls have wiped Target clean of diet drinks, Special K and celery.

fantasy football2–All the nerds are talking Fantasy Football again.

FNLights3–High school football is back.

rv4–Old men can scout out places on campus to park their RVs without anyone thinking they’re creepers.

pumpkinflavor5–Restaurants and stores have begun advertising pumpkin-flavored everything.

fall-soup-FB-ready6–I want to eat soup all the time.

costumes7–Pinterest is filling up with DIY Halloween costumes and trunk-or-treat ideas.

emptygym8–All the seasonal patrons have abandoned the gym to become armchair quarterbacks in fat pants.

weddingseason9–The South’s official wedding season has ended.

teacherholiday10–All my teacher friends are anticipating their first holiday of the school year.

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