To Be or To Do: That is the Question

Screen shot 2015-01-04 at 1.21.55 PMAnyone who knows me well would probably describe me as hyper or active. Some may even call me “busy.” I work a lot and I have a small child, but I know many more people who have multiple children and work jobs much less flexible than mine. The truth is that the source of my busyness (or looking busy) is my hyperness (or lack of knowing how to relax).

Over the holidays, I paid attention to just how hard it is for me to actually relax. Even when watching TV with my family, I am on looking on Pinterest, folding laundry, or in the floor doing ab exercises. The thought of sitting totally still on a piece of furniture with nothing but a pillow makes me antsy. In fact, it only took about two weeks of being married for my husband to ask, “Do you ever just sit still?”

I took a few days off the week of Christmas and was surprised at how my mind started racing with all the things I needed to get done before I started back to work. Why couldn’t I just relax? Perhaps my family is right, and I am just like Monica on Friends (except for her culinary expertise). My sister always teased me about being a perfectionist, and in biblical terms she would be the Mary to my Martha.

Just like the story of Lazarus’ sisters in Luke 10:38-42, I am always the one running around taking care of everything to the point that I sometimes miss time with Jesus . . . and my family, and my friends. I hate to admit it, but it is not hard for my mind to wander through paint colors for my home while at church or a mental grocery list while playing with my son. I am great at doing, but not so great at being.

Now I am in no means saying it is best to be lazy and neglect all responsibility for fun and relaxation. But I do think God named us human beings and not human doings for a reason. So in the past few days of 2015, I have made it a point to read my Bible and spend time with my family. Not just going through the motions either, but actually concentrating on what I was doing at the time instead of having my mind hours ahead, mercilessly multitasking. The coolest part is that I still had time to do all my “work” and felt much better at the end of the day.

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