Next Time You’re Complaining, Read This . . .

I recently received a Fitbit® Flex™ (Thanks, Blake!), and despite working out five days a week and constantly picking up after a toddler and dachshund have yet to hit 10,000 steps a day. Some people have less sedentary jobs and easily hit 10,000 steps a day, but one man puts in more steps on his commute than possibly all day at work. That man is James Robertson of Detroit, Michigan, and we all can learn a lot from him.

In a world of convenience, it is hard to imagine having to walk anywhere in America. If you don’t have a car, you likely live near public transportation or ride a bike. However, Mr. Robertson had a long hike to the bus stop and on some days walked the entire 10-mile trek (one way) to work. Even more impressive to me is that he was always there on time and never absent. That fact alone says something for the millions of people who are frequently late or taking every vacation day available to them ASAP.

Even though his attendance is quite honorable, the part that impressed me is that he did this all without complaining or even mildly bragging about his efforts. His story did not become public until a local banker noticed him walking every day and would start offering him a ride. When asked why he walked to work, Mr. Robertson simply explained that his car was beyond repair and that he did not have enough money to buy another one.

He even said that he didn’t mind walking to work because he liked his job of 13 years and all of his friends there. The impressive part is that he worked in a factory, which many people consider mind-numbing work, and in my opinion wasn’t “making a killing” (as we say in the South) or else he would have another car by now. Not only that, but he literally walked 10 miles in the snow! As an Alabamian, I can’t even imagine driving through 10 miles of snow, mush less walking it!

The real Cinderella Story comes in when the banker, who over time formed a friendship with Robertson, told his story to the local paper. Then upon reading the story, a college student started an online funding page to raise $5,000 for Robertson to get a new vehicle. They did not raise $5,000; they raised $300,000! But it doesn’t end there. Ford invited Robertson to test drive new cars, and at the end of the day the dealership donated him a new car, which leaves the entire $300,000 for Robertson’s to use on home repairs and retirement planning.

I wish Robertson well and am touched that people as humble as he still exist in today’s world. And next time I feel like complaining about any little inconvenience in my life, I hope to remember his story, because something inside tells me that had that banker never offered him a ride he would still be just as happy. I will also think about the banker and the college student who acted as “Good Samaritans” and with one simple action met a man’s needs.

For the full story on James Robertson, watch this video:

World News Videos | ABC World News

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