An Ode to the Old Diva Who Called Out My Kid

My little trouble maker
For the older woman who called out my kid
as I waited patiently for my phone to get fixed:
“I wish that kid would shut up” she said.
As he yelled happily and sporadically ran.
“I wish you would remember what it is like
to have a child who is two.”
Then she had the nerve to say, “Oh I do.
But mine knew how to mind.”
I bit a hole in my tongue and choked back a tear.
I wanted to bless her out or pull out her hair
but kept my feelings flushed down inside.
I had already reprimanded my son several times,
but after an hour wait I lost that fight.
My hands were tied after a few leg spats.
I would leave him in the car, but then I’d be in jail.
And if I really spank him, I’ll be classified NFL.
There’s not many choices for a young mom these days.
Add to that an old diva placing blame
who’s probably been playing Bridge all day.
While I’m just looking forward to taking a shower.
And who would mess with a Sweet Southern Belle?
We can pray to God for fire to reign down
or fill her tires with shortgun shells.
 But none of that will bring a happen ending.
I best bite my tongue and just keep pretending
that I’m not proud my son is healthy and happy.
He loves to talk and jog around,
but so would I if society didn’t frown
on a 31-year-old “not knowing how to mind.”

As she walked out the door, I had one thing to settle:
“Ma’am, thank you. I’m a writer and you’ve given me material.
She said she hoped I learned something too.
In fact I did, but not what she thought.
I learned her rudeness may not be her fault.
Who knows what her life may be like.
Her kids may never call or come visit,
or maybe she’s facing a terrible illness.
She may have money trouble or no real friends.
Even if her life is perfect, it doesn’t matter.
God put no conditions on how we should treat others.
Fighting back at her might make me feel better,
but would kill my witness and hurt her too.
And I would not like for others to remember me as rude.
So once we were home with some Jalapeno’s to-go
I bowed my head and asked the Lord to bless her heart
and thanked Him for helping me not fall apart.
Then I popped open a Diet Mountain Dew and enjoyed my food.
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