Turn Down for What?

Before my gym instructors cringe at the appearance of my guzzling down toxic liquid gold again, let me inform the public that this posting is NOT to address my caffeine addiction (though an intervention is most likely needed). Instead, the title (along with the photo) is a pun for the notion of being yourself and not turning down your own aspirations and dreams.

Despite the mid-level melt down I had almost two years ago when I turned 30, I have learned that I am much better in my 30s than I ever was in my 20s. With every year I care less about people’s petty comments and focus on pleasing God and those who truly love me. If I please the other people, then well that is a bonus and it comes as an effort to help them rather than to help my own self-esteem.

I am slowly but surely learning that God-given passions are worth pursuing, and that it should be a passion and not merely a hobby. For example, I felt the need to start a MOPS group in Tuscaloosa after patiently praying for God to lead someone to start such a group, when all I had to do was answer the call myself. I have a passion to give other young moms (as well as myself) a support group that is not made up of stuffy stepford wives who act like they’ve got it all figured out.

Another obvious passion of mine is comedy. Yes, I do like to act and when the opportunity rises I do take a role that falls in line with my morals and schedule. But I really only get really, really excited about comedy. I feel like God has given me a gift to make people of all walks feel comfortable and unarmed. I also feel there is a need for clean comedy that everyone can enjoy. After all, even the Bible says, “A happy heart is like good medicine,” Prov. 17:22 NCV.

There are times when I “wish” I could be different, and I spent too many years not liking the way I am. It would be nice to weigh what I did before Lane, but I am happy with the way I look now (plus stronger with less body fat), so I choose not to dwell on the few extra pounds left on me. It would be nice to be super smart like my sister and have the desire to keep going to school and get multiple degrees like her and both my parents. Along the same lines, it would be nice to desire climbing the corporate ladder rather than enjoying Improv classes and aspiring to become the Last Comic Standing one day.

Chances are, I will probably always hear from someone at some point the same old cuts about my strong Southern accent or how I am too pretty to be funny. In the past I have fretted about such and even taken voice lessons for accent reduction. But something has changed in me the last year or so that makes me realize God made me this way for a reason.

Amazingly, once I finally accepted this fact people quit commenting on my accent . . . or maybe I just stopped listening. Either way, I am a Southern Belle born and raised, though an unconventional one of sorts. And as for the comedy part, I prefer to think I am too funny to be pretty (and those who see me day-to-day with no makeup and stringy hair would probably agree.)

So whatever passion you have brewing inside of you, keep at it. You may also want to read this story about Lachlan Patterson, a finalist on this year’s Last Comic Standing, which was a great inspiration and one I can easily relate to.

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