What I Learned From the Snow

Lane’s first snowbaby

It’s neat how something so simple can remind you of something so profound. I took a lot of creative writing classes in college, which probably led to my love for metaphors, but this one is too inspiring for me to not share with everyone. And it all started with today’s snow.

I have always loved snow, and my son enjoyed it a few weeks back when we also got about an inch. That time I had wanted so much to build him a snowman or rather “snowbaby” just his size. However, the snow was not your typical Alabama slush but rather more like the powder you find on the ski slopes in Colorado.

The snow would not stay together regardless of what I tried, which even included pouring bottled water on a pile of it as if it were sand. So I resided to try again next time, not knowing when we would see another snow in the Deep South.

Much to my surprise, as little as two weeks later I got another opportunity. I wanted to wait until the morning to build him a snowman, but noticed the forecast called for sunny and a high of 50. So at 9 p.m. I went outside and rolled a snowball around in my back yard, and then another, until I had a snowman. As I begin to put the “head” on top, I had a bit of a revelation: building a snowman is much like the way God molds and shapes us.

Here it was 9 at night, literally freezing cold, and I was outside rolling around snow. I started with a small piece of mush and slowly and carefully rolled and molded it until I had it just like I wanted it. Sometimes it would get messy with leaves and grass, much like our lives sometimes get messy.

When this happened I would take a minute and remove the “mess” and then continue on reshaping that area. I once tried to just roll more snow over it, but it still showed through eventually, just like how our messes still show up when we try and fix them instead of letting God remove them for us.

It took a good while to get the snow big enough to where I could actually put it in the place I wanted it in my yard and then give it the final touches. However, I did mold it here and there along the way. This made getting to the right place take a little longer, but once there it was in better shape.

After the foundation was in place, I still had the second snowball to make. The shape of this one was more important as it was to be the head. When God has something important for us to do, He usually takes a little longer to mold and shape us.

I finished the head and took it to the right place by the body. But as soon as I placed it on top, a piece of it cracked off. Sometimes we make choices that seem like we aren’t using our heads, but God still forgives us and helps us pick up the pieces. Just like I picked up the piece and molded it back to the snowman.

Except this time I added even more snow to make it better. I had learned from experience what to do different. I took extra time to mold the head, like God takes extra time when we need it most. It wasn’t until I smoothed out all the rough spots that I crowned it with a hat, making it an actual snowman. (I also added a pacifier just for fun.)

As its creator, I stood back and looked proudly on my creation. The snowman smiled back at me. It was now time for my son to see the snowman. But before he could meet the snowman, he had to be prepared as well. We bundled him up, which is symbolic of how sometimes God is also working on other people involved in our destiny before our paths cross.

Finally, the little boy and the little snowman met. Both were fully prepared and in the right place at the right time. Of course I looked down at my creations happily and proud of them both.

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