Looks Like Somebody Forgot Her Raising

My mother would tell my sister and me whenever we went on trips, went off to college, etc. “Don’t forget your raising.” That was her way of shortening a speech for which she wanted to rant about how we were raised to be well-behaved Southern ladies and how everything we did and the way we treated others reflected back on the family (mainly her!). And now that I have friends with kids old enough to start school and a baby myself, I can totally see things from her perspective.

I’m pretty sure it was nothing short of my family’s prayers and constant reminders that kept my sister and I on the straight and narrow, even though neither of us had a particular wild streak. So when I see someone like Miley Ray Cyrus act out so vulgarly, it makes me wonder if her parents just gave up at some point, or if she just rebelled so bad that it led to this.

I look at her as the Britney Spears of this generation. Britney Spears went from innocent and cute to skanky and crude as her celebrity rose up the ranks. In my hay day of the late 90s and early 2000s, nothing was bigger than Britney. Fast forward a half decade and she’s shaving her head and marrying a backup dancer.

Still, Britney came through the curl and now seems to be doing much better. (At least she looks much better.) That begs the question: Can Miley come back from this? Who knows? The media is much more redeeming than most on these matters. (Um, just look at the government.)

But the big question in my mind is how did a Nashville born and bred bright-eyed Hannah Montana go from regularly attending a Southern Baptist Church and wearing a purity ring to twerking all over everyone on national television?

You would think at some point something in her mind should click to think, “This is not right.” Maybe she is just caught up in the attention bug that so many are nowadays, which leads us to totally ridiculous people acting all sorts of ways on TV. She is just on a much bigger level than say, Honey Boo Boo or any of the Real Housewives.

My hope and prayer is that this is a phase, and she returns to her raising as a Southern lady. Whether her parents slacked off when she started becoming famous or much later, there is no excuse for this behavior. Even if it is a rebel phase in her life, she needs to realize the whole world is watching every move she makes. I hope she considers how this looks on her family and especially on Thor’s hot little brother. (If he is smart he will just run away before the vows!)

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