The Disney Princesses of Bachelor in Paradise 2

It’s officially over. Another Bachelor franchise show season has ended, and only one couple had a true fairytale ending. Despite not finding happily ever after, I noticed that many of the women from this season’s cast of Bachelor in Paradise closely resemble that of a Disney Princess for various reasons.

Mulan and Jillian: They could both easily be mistaken for a man and kick some major tail.

Giselle and Ashley S: Both seem a little lost in the world and communicate much better with animals.

Jasmine and Ashley I: These princesses love their belly shirts and have been a little too sheltered.

Tiana and Amber: Because every network has to keep it politically correct by throwing in at least one attractive minority.

Elsa and Carly: These cute blondes in braids are most likely to break into song and learned to put siblings above self.

sleepingbeautytenley Sleeping Beauty and Tenley: As they say, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Ursula and Samantha: Beauty can be deceiving, and these two prove that it is just not worth it.

Belle and Jade: Both have that girl-next-door look and feel, complete with zero drama.

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