Living Off Leftovers


Nobody likes to simply get whatever is left. I learned this lesson when serving a three-tier cake at my friend’s wedding. I meticulously cut a piece from the top for everyone coming through the line. It was just the right size with just the right amount of icing.

The cake was a beautiful red velvet with buttercream icing, and all the slices were displayed out front. I was the only one who could see the mess of “how the sausage was made” with a pile of cake crumbles and icing balls on the cake stand in front of me. It kept piling up, so when my boyfriend (now husband) came through the line I took his plate and raked the globs of cake off onto it.

He was not pleased. I reasoned that he got much more cake this way and helped me clean up the mess as well. He said he would rather have had a small slice of cake than a glob of all the leftovers. To tell the truth, I gave him that “piece” because I thought he wouldn’t mind. Isn’t it funny in life how we often give the people who mean the most to us the leftover crumbs in life?

How many times do we give our family and friends what is left over? We do our best at work and are on our best behavior out in public. Then we come home and let it all out, so to speak. We justify by saying, “They really know me. They’ll love me no matter what.” But is that really any way to treat those who we care about the most?

It’s awesome to feel comfortable around family and friends, and I am not advocating being a fake or suggesting we are fake with others. Everyone who knows me knows my life is an open book (in the Dramedy genre!). I am simply suggesting we treat those closest to us with as much respect and appreciation as we do everyone else. Think of it as having your cake and eating it too.

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