Lord, help me to see as my son turns three,
Just how important his life is to me.
Not just the milestones and occasions of note,
But also those times when he frustrates me most.

Though his fits and fights cause us much stress,
His hugs and giggles make us most blessed.
Potty training and mealtimes seem like such struggles.
Thank God they’re offset by tickles and cuddles.

Give me patience when he asks for my help,
For one day he will truly do it “all by myself.”
He will no longer want to crawl in our laps
Or want a book read before taking a nap.

Let me cherish him in every life stage,
Instead of wishing the hard times away.
Give me the grace I need for each day
To enjoy my child in every way.


*brookephtoPhotos by Brooke Madison Photography

Jesus - The Bridge to Eternal Life

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  1. Beautifully said!
    My mom used to say, ” When they are little they are on our feet. And when they are old they are on our heart.”

    I am thankful and proud of you for being a great mom.

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