When it comes to Alabama football, I’m a big fan. Not the kind of fan who poisons sacred trees on rival grounds or who obsesses over making every game. But, nonetheless, a big fan.

Both of my parents, my younger sister and I all graduated from The University of Alabama. I was a football hostess and wrote stories about the team during my days on campus. Then, I worked for a while on campus as a book editor. So, I have strong ties to the school and it’s football program.

But I’m glad Clemson won the National Championship.

Wait . . . what? Yes, you read that right. Clemson won the Super Bowl of the South, and I’m glad they did.

Now that you’ve let that sink in, let me clarify that I wasn’t glad until after the game ended. The entire time I rooted for my Alabama roots. Even as the scoreboard continued to favor the Tigers, I hoped and prayed that Tua would lead us to a win.

Regardless of the efforts made by Nick Saban, Tua and everyone else, Clemson pulled through and crushed the Crimson dynasty. Of course, we can’t win them all. But I had gone into the game expecting (or at the least hoping) for a victory.

Even though we were well due a loss, I was feeling a little disappointed in how the game had gone. Until I heard Dabo’s interview.

*For anyone who missed it, watch this clip:

Awesome, right?

I thought so. Because although I have a strong allegiance to Alabama, I have an even stronger allegiance to God. And it appears that Dabo does as well.

Clemson winning is great for two reasons. First, Dabo didn’t hesitate to give God all the glory for their victory. And, second, Clemson showed how God can use anyone. They were the chosen underdogs by many rankings, yet they outplayed us on every level.

God can and will use anyone willing to be a vessel for Him. That’s something that nobody can deny, especially those of us who watched the National Championship game.

So, to all my fellow Bama fans feeling a little down, look up. Dabo looked up, and God used him greatly. And God can do the same for you.

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  1. Great post. I am very impressed that he gave the glory to God. The word of God does say that if we exalt God that He will lift us up.
    Sometimes people who are in high
    Positions seem to forget this.
    Great article. And, I also give God all of the glory for my daughter who wrote this too.

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