I can face tomorrow.

This hymn has popped up in my mind many times over the past two weeks. And, truth be told, Jesus is the only thing helping me face tomorrow right now.

A few days ago we lost our pastor. Not to another church or another state or even another country. We lost him to another world. As my granny would say, “Our loss is heaven’s gain.”

And, yes, he is no longer sick or suffering. He no longer has to endure the hardships of this life like the rest of us. He has gained his ultimate reward—eternal life with Christ.

But that doesn’t mean we aren’t feeling the loss.

With weeks of fasting and prayer, I had full faith that he would be preaching this Easter Sunday. No doubt he is, just not from an earthly pulpit.

I could question God on Dr. J’s untimely exit from this earth, but I’ve learned better than that over the years. I’ve questioned him plenty of times before. When my Papa died right before my wedding. When my ex-boyfriend died in a car wreck. When my cousin’s baby died even before he was birthed.

The only answer I’ve gotten in all my questioning God is that His ways are not our ways. I’ve also learned that death is no respecter of persons. People die at all ages, and I’ve witnessed funerals of all ages.

Health doesn’t matter much either. My Papa’s cancer progressed so rapidly that he went down in a matter of months. Dr. J preached in our church not even a month ago before he got sick. Then, there are tragic accidents where people are in perfect health one minute and crossing over into glory the next. So, I’ve decided to ask God a different question.

Instead of wondering why certain people have to die, I wonder why am I still here.

We have no way of knowing when or how we will die. It does no good to worry about it, since only God knows when our hourglass will empty. What we do need to worry about is making the most of the time we have left on this earth. Whether that be another hour or another generation, God has a plan for everyone left on this earth.

Until then, I’ll keep clinging to the truth in this hymn:

Because He lives, I can face tomorrow

Because He lives, all fear is gone

Because I know He holds the future

And life is worth the living, just because He lives

(© 1971 William J. Gaither, Inc. All rights controlled by Gaither Copyright Management.)

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  1. So very true. I enjoyed your writing.
    That is one of my favorite scriptures too Isaiah 55:9.
    One thing I would like to add that I have learned too that God is good. John 10:10 tells us where all evil & and destruction comes from.
    Great article.

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