Everywhere has certain holiday traditions and events associated with Christmas, and Alabama is no exception. Whether you’re new to the South, just visiting, or live here full time, there is no denying the details that make an Alabama Christmas its own.

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No Chance of Snow: Instead of a white Christmas, we usually get stuck with rain and tornado-rate temperatures. Snow chances actually increase in February or even March, usually coinciding with what our grandmas refer to as “Blackberry Winter.”

Country Santa Claus: You can count on seeing at least one country Santa, like this one at the Tuscaloosa Barnyard.

Target Practice: My family will buy each other bullets and then use the majority of them after lunch in my parents’ back yard.

Hog Killing: My husband’s family will also shoot guns, but have a live target as well. They usually kill a hog on December 26 and then cook it all day.



Lots of Fried Food: The South is known for frying food, and a lot of people have caught on to the fact that even turkey tastes better fried.

Light ‘Em Up!: All the icicle lights left on mobile homes all year long finally get plugged in for about a month!

Yard Ornaments: Anything stuck in the yard is fair game for decoration.

You Break Out the Fine China: Just to clarify, I am referring to Chinet plates and Red Solo Cups. Nobody wants to do dishes, and Christmas dinner tends to include extended family and friends, so you probably don’t have enough “real” dishes anyway. Plus, it helps to be able to label your cup with a Sharpie.


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