duggars 2014I have never watched the Duggar family’s show 19 Kids and Counting, but like anyone else who hasn’t been unconscience the last five years I know about the family. I do however watch The Kelly File on a fairly regular basis and caught her interview with two of the eldest Duggar sisters. From what I gathered, the worst part about all of this was how everything was blown out of proportion.

VSC_KUWTK_S8It is simple to conclude that no matter what happened (which according to the sisters was not much) was wrong. But how many families, Christian or not, have a perfect past with no skeletons in their closet or loose screws holding up the branches of their family trees? I know I don’t. In my writing, I have been vocal about battling an eating disorder in the past and having to get over issues like my parents’ divorce and learning to truly forgive others for their wrongs (intentional or not).

That’s why the Duggars should not be criticized more than those who do not profess to live the Christian life. I admit that some of their practices seem a little extreme, such as the infamous “side hugs only before marriage.” Maybe the fact that my senior prom dress likely covered less than their undergarments makes me less of a target for criticism? Or maybe it’s because they put it all out there on TV? Either way, I also am a Christian and feel for anyone going through a public humiliation. (I even pitied Hillary Clinton back in the day during the Monica scandal!)

Regardless of what the media portrays and what people say on either side of the picket fence, another family has fell victim to media scrutiny. From the family of Bruce Jenner (or Caitlyn, rather) to the Duggars, nobody’s crazy actions can be brought to light without harming the lives of those around him or her. So whether you are in total shock over the Josh Duggar scandal or not, go easy on the family. And go easy on all those surrounding the Jenners, too. They can’t help what happened and don’t deserve the unwanted attention.

Trust me, I know how crazy it is living in a small town and being famous has to be the same gossip pool a billion times amplified. So go easy on those going through hard times and family problems. Remember, you can’t choose your family, and at some point we will all need grace and prayers.

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