I_See_GodNo matter how old I get or how educated I feel I’ve become, I still “see” God most in the simple, yet intricate, details of His creation all around me. My 2-year-old son loves reading the Creation story too, and one local artist has done a phenomenal job of bringing that wondrous awe to all ages.

Tuscaloosa artist, author and speaker Jennifer Rubino has loved to draw and paint since early childhood. This passion has evolved into beautiful works like her exhibit, “The Last Brush of Kush,” which was displayed last October at the Bama Theatre’s Junior League Gallery. The paintings showcased the story of Creation using vibrant colors, which made them perfect for the illustrations in her new children’s book, I See God!

Each illustration in this book is accompanied by a Bible verse and a simple statement children can read to show how they “See God” in their surroundings. This book is just the first in the new children series, “I Know God.” Following I See God! is I Hear God! and I Feel God!, all illustrated and written by Jennifer.

Just as the “I Know God” series was inspired by Jennifer’s paintings of the Creation, she is also working on another children’s series, “Moby, God’s Littlest Angel,” which was inspired by a tragic event in her life and stemmed from a bedtime story she used to tell her oldest daughter. Now 16, her daughter suggested the story would make a great book. The first book of the series will introduce children to Moby, his pet cardinal, Big Red, and their adventures together.

Beyond creating works of art and writing books and articles for all ages, Jennifer is committed to helping others in the community. She used the profits from her first novel, The Route, which was written for the Young Adult market, to help fund the startup for The Find Hope Here Project. This non-profit serves the community by aiding churches with missions needs, offering a 12-step program, teaching job and basic life skills, providing educational scholarships, and more. Jennifer also speaks to churches and social groups across the state, sharing her testimony of how God has and still does work in her life.

Children can enjoy her in person as well, particularly on May 30 when she presents I See God! in Tuscaloosa. The reading will take place from 1 to 3 p.m. at Confetti Interiors across from CHOM. Books will be offered at a discounted price that day, along with free giveaways. For more information about this event or any of Jennifer’s works and ministries, visit www.hopeisnotlost.net.

Jennifer’s art can also be enjoyed across the Tuscaloosa area. Once completed, the new Genesis Mission Bible Center will house the “The Last Brush of Kush” collection. Genesis Mission is a branch of Mission Teens, a faith-based recovery program for those struggling with drugs and alcohol. She is also putting the finishing touches on four paintings that will be on permanent display at Sav-A-Life of Tuscaloosa. The Braydon House in Northport near Kentuck Park holds five of Jennifer’s paintings, though they are not open for public viewing. This house is a place for families to stay when they have children in ICU at DCH, so the paintings are for their private enjoyment.

*Originally written for: Kids Life Magazine, and can also be found at kidslifemagazine.com.

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