It’s rare that my husband and I get to watch a movie in the theater that isn’t targeted to toddlers, but we’ve gotten lucky with the last few Avengers films. I think it has something to do with opening weekend falling on the same weekend of my hometown‘s heritage festival. One of my parents usually has our kids at the carnival, leaving us free to watch a movie.

So, we found ourselves in the theater on the opening weekend of Avengers: Endgame. Overall, I felt it was a great movie—the perfect ending to an ongoing superhero saga. But I had a few different perspectives that might help anyone considering seeing it.

As a Parent:

Other than the sheer fact that it’s pleasant to watch a three-hour movie without little ones, I’m glad I didn’t take my kids. This wouldn’t have been a good theater movie for them, as they are very young—six and three to be exact.

First of all, I seriously doubt my three year old would last through a three-hour movie without falling asleep. Let’s face it. That’s an hour for every year she’s been alive.

Then, there’s a bit of language that I didn’t like. And this is my only negative for the movie. Hearing “GD” makes my skin crawl, and I never think it’s necessary. There were several more words used, and none of them added anything to the movie. In my opinion, it was also out of character for Captain America to curse since he is usually the old-fashioned moral compass of these movies, asking everyone to watch his or her language. At one point a little girl repeated “the ‘S’ word.” (And I don’t mean stupid.) Knowing my son, he would think that was funny and start saying it too.

As for violence, there was only one part that I would call “deathly gruesome.” For the most part, it’s the usual battle wounds and scuffles of any superhero movie. My daughter might have found a few parts scary, but I feel like my six-year-old son would be fine.

Other than the language, I didn’t see any red flags that would keep me from letting my kids watch this movie. I promised our son we would rent or buy it when it comes on DVD. That way, we can mute what we don’t want him to hear.

As a fan:


Halloween 2018

My husband and I love the Marvel franchise. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have endured four days of lingering green on my body from honoring the Guardians of the Galaxy last Halloween. Still, I haven’t had a chance to see the full 22 movies associated with the Marvel world.

A friend of ours asked if it was necessary to see any or all movies before seeing this one. My husband and I agreed that it’s best to see Avengers: Infinity War before watching the latest installment. It pretty much sets up the storyline for Endgame. Watching the other two Avenger movies would help as well, but it isn’t as crucial as watching Infinity War

I have watched a number of the Marvel superhero movies over the past decade, but not all. For instance, I had to ask my husband how a few minor characters fit in to the plot. He has watched everything so far with the exception of Captain Marvel. It didn’t take long to pick up on who she was though, and this movie is also currently in theaters for anyone who has more screen time than we do.

We suggested our friend questioning what to watch first set her DVR as well. Many of the network and movie channels are playing the Marvel movies every night to pump up audiences for the new Avengers. We’ve recorded a lot, which has refreshed my memory. Plus, it’s been fun to watch them again with our son. 


As a writer:

Even though I primarily write articles and books, I have a few old screenplays collecting proverbial dust in my computer archives. And most stories follow the same format regardless of the medium. So, I’m constantly analyzing movies and saying what I would’ve written differently or what impresses me that I wouldn’t have thought to include.

This movie is one of the more impressive, even for Marvel. They covered all the interlinked superheroes and threw in a lot of details that linked back to their separate movies. (Proof that watching some of the others first will make this movie even more enjoyable.) With so many details and subplots, I can only imagine the massive piles of notes for each character’s backstory and the history of this plot.

And, as with every Marvel movie, there was a good bit of humor. The ever-funny Paul Rudd was a nice addition as Ant Man, who played a bigger role in this movie. Surprisingly, Thor was the biggest comic relief in the film. I don’t want to throw out any spoilers, so I’ll just say Thor wasn’t himself this time around. 

Kudos to the writers for tying up all the loose ends with all characters and answering a lot of lingering questions for fans. 

In conclusion, as a parent/fan/writer, I give this movie 4.5 out of 5 stars. Take out the bad language and I would give it a full 5 stars. It was greatly entertaining and didn’t feel like three hours. 


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