In a discussion yesterday about my recent post, a couple of good questions came up, “With all the bad things going on in the world, why is all the focus on Fifty Shades of Grey?” Also, “How is Fifty Shades of Grey any different from Redeeming Love, which is about prostitution?

First, let me go on record of saying that even though I have done my research on both books, I have not personally read either one (just the plots, notes, histories and both positive and negative reviews) on each one. When time allows, I would like to read Redeeming Love, but not Fifty Shades of Grey, for reasons I wrote about previously. But the short answer would be that while Redeeming Love does focus on prostitution, it is all about “redeeming love” and the woman’s redemption from that. Prostitution is not glorified, whereas in the other book a man dominating physically over a woman is glamorized.

Fifty Shades of Grey is just a novel. I can agree with that. But a little bit of something bad leads to more, and then more, and then you’re in over your head.

Bradley-and-ice-creamThere are plenty of movies, books and stories out there that show people in their sin, but that show how sin ultimately destroys. For example, Machine Gun Preacher, I’m in Love with a Church Girl, and The Song. (Also, I am currently working on writing a script based on the prodigal son.) I think we should address such issues that are obviously in society today, but not make them seem glamorous and neglect to show the negative consequences. It is irresponsible to live in a bubble and act like nothing bad ever happens, because that is not real life.

A former pastor of mine used to always say, “Know the Word and know the world so you will know what in the world to do with the Word.” In other words, in order to be effective in today’s society, we have to be relevant to what is going on around us. However, we do not have to justify what is going on and accept everything.

myhouseandcarsFifty Shades of Grey is just a novel. I can agree with that. But a little bit of something bad leads to more, and then more, and then you’re in over your head. No alcoholic started out in AA, but with a few drinks here and there. People who smoke a pack a day started with an occasional cigarette. We all have slipped up here and there (myself definitely included), but when we keep feeding the beast is when we get into trouble. (Like creeping after an innocent woman wearing yoga pants!)

In my mind, anything that glamorizes a sin is something that feeds the beast. We all have different lusts, whether it be a hot guy in a suit, having a lot of money, or even wanting a child more than anything else in the world. You can make anything an idol. I personally have been guilty of making my appearance and weight an idol before as well as lusting after a bigger home with a beautiful country view. Everyone has his or her weak areas in life.

I tried for years with counseling, prayer, eating logs, covering up bathroom mirrors, not weighing, and everything else imaginable to combat an eating disorder. I thought I was giving it to God by crying out for Him to change me and praying about it all the time. Yet, I was finding another way to obsess about my obsession. Then I started reading my Bible more and focusing on being closer to Him regardless of what was in my mind. Slowly and surely, I was healed. I truly believe this is because I made Him first again in my life and took the focus off of what was my idol.

Proving again that God’s timing is so awesome and messmirizing, I randomly turned on my DVR and selected an episode of Joni Table Talk, which aired this morning on Daystar. It happened to be “Lust Free Living” with Dr. Doug Weiss. I recommend this episode to anyone who is struggling with any type of lust. Dr. Doug’s book is also available on his Web site.

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