I recently turned 35 and decided it was time to take inventory of my life. I have two kids, three jobs and more gray hairs than this math-impaired gal can even begin to count. Then there’s a knot on my back that probably deserves a doctor visit. But who has time for that, right? No doubt, I’m stressed. But I’m also blessed. The well of God’s living water runs deep, and so does the vat of brown hair toner at Simply Southern Salon & Studio.


I have great family and friends as well as jobs that fit me perfectly. Part of what has gotten me far in life is that I’m a pusher. (Yes, that’s a Mean Girls quote). I push myself until I break, and I often fear that I will do the same to my kids as they get older. I’m an outgoing Mary with a Martha mindset, which can tend to be a deadly combination.


If I’m not careful, I can get really busy doing and blame it on helping others. I may be a human being, but being has never come naturally to me. Since childhood, I have been type-A and pay way too much attention to tiny details. If I’m writing fiction characters or editing a photo, that’s a great quality to have. If I’m noticing every little crumb on the floor or trying to juggle kids, dinner, laundry, deadlines and possibly fitting in a shower that day, then it’s not so great.


My time management skills have skyrocketed in the past two years, since I’ve been a mom to two. Still, there are days when I actually do get to cross everything off my to-do list and fall into bed feeling unfulfilled with my progress. That’s when I realized that I needed to quit worrying about how much I was doing and focus on actually being.


Now, I don’t mean meditation or some sort of relaxation rituals you might read in a “10-step to destress tutorial.” Rather, I mean taking time to actually enjoy my life right in that moment. I love the ages my kids are now, and I know that they won’t stay that age for long.


In less than half a year, my firstborn will be starting kindergarten. I’m already mentally preparing for his pre-k graduation, which I know will be here in a blink. No, I don’t want more kids, but why do the two I have need to grow up so quickly?


Since turning 35, I’ve made it a point to be more mindful of those important moments in life. Even when there’s laundry and dishes waiting to be unloaded and articles waiting to be written, I function much better if I take my first few moments to pray and spend time with God. Then, at night, when the kitchen needs cleaning (and my hair needs cleaning even more), I’m always less stressed when I stop and play a game or read a book with my kids.


Those little moments don’t take long. And I feel so much better after spending time with those I love most—God and family. So, instead of worrying for a good half-hour a day, why not take a break and make some memories? Trust me, it’s worth it.

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  1. Yes, it is very much worth it.
    There will always be something that needs to be done. But, enjoy these precious , little blessings. They will be grown up before you know it. I have experienced this myself.
    Very good article. Love you

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