Of course the most important part of finding what you were put on this earth to do is to listen to God. The hard part is that He doesn’t usually burn down bushes and speak from the sky like He did in the Old Testament days. He often speaks to us through situations, circumstances and other people.

One of the best ways to start figuring out what you are supposed to do is to ask questions. If you went to college and didn’t simply major in whatever seemed like the quickest way to escape flipping burgers for the rest of your life, then you’ve probably done this before when choosing what career path to take. Except the older you are and the more life experiences you have behind you, the easier this should be. As you ask yourself some of these questions, you should start to see a trend that will lead you to discover your ministry.*

*It’s important for me to stop here and mention that ministry doesn’t only have to mean preaching, teaching, etc. like you would see in a church setting. You can minister to people in an office, out doing sales calls, or by working with kids. God needs people anywhere and everywhere, all the time.

Now, here are a few questions you should ask yourself. Answer them honestly. I have included some sample answers for myself in parenthesis for an example.

1-What do I enjoy? What do you like to do and what makes you happy? Think broad, including everything from hobbies and mundane tasks to jobs and projects. (being with other people; laughing and making others laugh/smile; being outdoors; writing; exercising; creating things like stories, videos, etc.)

2-In what areas do you typically excel? What are you good at doing? Were you always a great athlete? Are you patient with people and a good friend? Did you make good grades in school? Can you walk into a kitchen and cook a gourmet meal from scratch? Are you a good problem solver? You should be getting the point by now. Just think back over you life and write down some of the highlights of when you were “winning” and what all you did/do well. (writing; English class; public speaking; planning and organizing events; working as part of a team; cheerleading; making friends laugh; listening to people)

3-What do others say about you? It is not only important to realize how we view ourselves but also how other people view us. We often have skewed views of how we look to everyone else. Stop and think about what others have said about you or ask someone close to you who will be honest. Notice I said “honest,” not “nice.” The two are not always the same. (funny; good writer; honest; hyper; opinionated; loyal)

Concerning the latter question, even some of those words that seem a little negative could work to your advantage. For instance, “bossy” could mean you were made to be in charge. I am opinionated and a little ADHD when it comes to doing daily tasks. But everyone always knows where I stand on an issue, and I hardly ever get bored with everyday life.

I hope these questions help you on the road to finding your calling. Answer them honestly and pray that God will use them to help you hear and answer His call.



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  1. It’s often things like guilt, shame and FEAR, that keep us from discovering our God created purpose. We have to remember that God shows out most when we say “yes” to the things we are most uncomfortable doing. So the “thing” that God has been whispering for us each to do, and the enemy has been telling us not to do….. Well that’s probably where you will find your calling. ?
    2 Corinthians 12:9, John 3:30

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