savalife_webWhile many women look forward to celebrating Mother’s Day with their children and many soon-to-be moms anticipate holding their babies in the coming months, not all women are excited about motherhood. Some are scared, alone, and wondering how they can raise a child. Enter Sav-A-Life, a non-profit organization committed to helping women in crisis pregnancies.

Ironically located next to the West Alabama abortion clinic, Sav-A-Life of Tuscaloosa is housed within the Choices Pregnancy Center and provides free services to help mothers choose to save their babies. This is a Christian-based ministry that never refers abortion, but makes sure to offer all the facts about abortion as well as pregnancy and motherhood. Free services include Christian-based counseling, pregnancy testing, ultrasound scans and adoption referrals.

The center knows that many women struggle with becoming a mom, especially since most people come to seek help due to an unplanned pregnancy. That’s why this organization comes alongside pregnant women and their partners to help educate them about parenthood. Through classes and individual meetings, both women and men receive materials and resources as well as education on the challenges that lie ahead. Bibles are among the materials offered to expectant parents.

Sav-A-Life also likes to give new diaper bags and other baby supplies to women who have had their babies. The facility offers Earn While You Learn classes for expecting mothers to earn items needed to care for a child while they learn proper parenting skills. Such items include a baby bed, stroller, car seat, diapers and wipes. There is also a Fatherhood Program that teaches dads what to expect during pregnancy, labor, and after the child is born, in which to-be-dads can earn a crib.

In addition to pregnant women, Sav-A-Life is very involved in the community and spends time mentioning other local ministries and charities that also serve mothers in need. Choices Pregnancy Center also offers an abstinence program for churches and schools. The facility is open six days a week and is located in the Riverside Office Center off of Jack Warner Parkway.

A good way to show support for Sav-A-Life is to join the one-mile Walk for Life on May 7 at Snow Hinton Park. Registration for the walk begins at 9 a.m. and the walk starts at 10 a.m. Pledge forms and additional information about the walk is available at Sav-A-Life.

Choices Pregnancy Center gladly welcomes volunteers to serve at the front desk or train to become counselors. Any other special skills or services a person has to offer will help the center greatly. Other ways to get involved include donating funds through Baby Bottle Boomerang or items for expectant parents to earn through classes. Churches and other groups can host a baby shower for Sav-A-Life to collect items.

For more information about the Walk for Life, Baby Bottle Boomerang, or just helping out in general, contact or You can also go online to or call (205) 758-7258.

*What many do not know is the significance of the abortion issue in Tuscaloosa:

    • Stats:

      • Tuscaloosa is the abortion capital of the state.
      • It is one of only two clinics that perform 2nd trimester abortions.
      • This clinic averages more than 400 abortions per month.

    • Legal Battles:

      • The abortion clinic in town has been the subject of litigation filed by Planned Parenthood and NARAL, ACLU, etc.

        • This is due to the state’s law requiring abortionists to have local hospital admission privileges.
        • After the law had the effect of shutting down Tuscaloosa’s abortion clinic for nearly half of 2015, a federal judge in Montgomery issued a temporary injunction against the law, allowing the clinic to re-open.

      • Alabama is party to a lawsuit before the Supreme Court, regarding the constitutionality of our law and others like it.
      • The death of Justice Scalia, less than a month before oral arguments were scheduled, raised the profile of that case even higher, as the impact of his loss was felt.

    • National Publicity:

      • The same week that oral arguments were heard before the Supreme Court, a new documentary called Trapped, which features Tuscaloosa’s abortion clinic and stars the abortionist who travels to work here, was released.
      • Our local abortionist was given a standing ovation at the Sundance Film Festival.

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