i_voted_today_sticker-r2ea6a7bb47c4492fbb214dbfaf5eb5d7_v9waf_8byvr_324It’s Super Tuesday and many people feel a little let down by the choices set before them. Many of us are left scratching our heads, asking, “Who would Jesus vote for?” I prayerfully debated between two choices before going to the polls this morning. Both are Christian men, who I feel would make a great president if elected. (Actually the two together would be a dream ticket for me.) The struggle persisted between the one I assumed was sitting in a better spot to beat out Trump and the one I ultimately felt would be the best choice for our country.

To be totally transparent, my head scratching was a debate between Marco Rubio and Ben Carson. I wracked my brain on this issue as the choice was not a clear black and white (no pun intended). Last night I concluded that making a stand for God means to put values above popularity. Standing up for our beliefs is not always popular by a long shot.

That being said, I am not trying to push my choice on anyone, even the Trump Troopers. I am, however, hoping that everyone puts a lot of prayer into his or her decision today when voting. Choose the person you feel in your heart would be the best for our country. Too often we let outside influences like polls and hatred for Hilary cloud our true judgments. The way we should go about voting is to look at each candidate individually, polls and opinions of others aside, and ask ourselves who we would want to lead this nation.

The beauty of living in America is that we have a free choice. Our country has been through so much in recent times. I know having a gazillion candidates seems exhausting, but at least it gives us more choices. It’s actually a little exciting to have more options. Kind of like going in Yogurt Mountain. You think, “Why the heck would people want sour worms on ice cream?” But then again that is the beauty of choices. Take advantage of that and weigh out all the many options.

For those who want a little more information but don’t want to pick through all the fluff on Google, I suggest this site: Christian Voter Guide. It’s not a Voting for Dummies that suggests “vote for ________” but rather a run down about what various candidates on national and state levels belief and endorse. Good luck today!

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