I am increasingly amazed at how easily my two-year-old son can learn. What amazes me the most is his memory. It seems a little scary sometimes all the little details he picks up on, from what Mickey Mouse said in a cartoon to our mannerisms. At the same time, this encourages my husband and I that he is capable of learning more.

Just over the past month we have noticed he actually recalls shapes and letters much easier, and also knows a few Bible characters. This makes me proud to know that my little one is learning about our Lord at such a young age. It gives me confidence that even at this tender age he can start to understand how God loves us.

While I don’t recommend teaching toddlers the graphic, brutal facts about the crucifixion, I do think little ones are capable of learning about Jesus’ sacrifice for God’s children. Some of my earliest Easter memories of course include hunting eggs with my cousins and eating lunch with family, but also those Sunday school lessons about the cross. I feel extra fortunate to have a mother who often used creative ideas to teach us about Easter at home.


It doesn’t take much to make a paper mache tomb or a cross craft, which work well for home or Sunday school. Incorporating common traditions like decorating Easter eggs may be another way to teach children about Jesus. Eggs can be explained as a symbol for new life to help children understand new life in Christ. Children may also enjoy decorating their eggs with crosses and other Christian symbols.

Though it is great to start learning at an early age, I feel that it is important to continue the learning for years to come. Older children and youth can learn about the Passover or Lent and even participate in Lent to learn the importance of sacrifice. One of my fondest Easter memories is when my childhood church took one Wednesday night to reenact the Passover Feast. We ate the food they ate at the Passover, passed it around as they did, and even dressed in robes similar to Biblical attire.

928870215d4bcd0f3b14ccc1b08965a7I am thankful for all the lessons I learned as a young child, older child, and teen about Easter. Those of us with little time or imagination can easily click on Pinterest or Google ideas for Easter activities. Feel free to visit my Pinterest board Easter Crafts for Kids for simple and fun ideas, which include those pictured in this posting.

Jesus - The Bridge to Eternal Life

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