Via: AP/LM Otero
Via: AP/LM Otero

It’s November 9, and we can rest a little now, knowing that the craziest election in history has ended. My husband said it best a few weeks back when he commented that an entire history book or college course could be dedicated to this election alone. Trump won, and the Republicans pretty much swept the map in all areas. No doubt, many people decided to go pro-Tump simply because they were anti-Hilary.

Megyn Kelly commented that there might have been “shy Trump supporters” after all. I guess I would fall into this category. Not that I am by no means shy, but rather that I was unenthusiastic about our candidate. If I had my way, Ben Carson would be king of the free world right now, and all would be right with a strong, humble surgeon appointed God’s messenger to America. But that’s not the case.

Like many people I know, I went to the polls not to necessarily elect Trump but rather to block Hilary. And just like my dear old Crimson Tide, it appears that we shy Trump supporters play pretty good defense. So now the big question is not if Trump will be president but how will he be president. Will the Democratic Party mellow out and embrace the turnover? Better yet, will minorities take a liking to the rich, white man who’s the new leader?

I’ve thought about this a lot, especially from the perspective of an educated, attractive young woman. Someone who has also had men say inappropriate things to her over her lifetime. Sadly, we live in a perverted society where people say and do inappropriate things. I’ve heard it all, from men in the workplace making off-color comments, to being whistled at as I jogged on a college campus, to a dirty high school coach trying to score with another cheerleader. Fortunately, I’ve never been in a situation where I didn’t have control. My heart goes out to all the women who have been assaulted and faced worse fates than talk and teasing.

Then the Donald Trump video came out. My husband told me about it before I saw it. “Is it bad enough that you would vote for Hilary instead?” He laughed and said “no.” After I watched it, I felt the same way. Hilary probably has her own insecurities in this area since her husband chose to make passes at other women outside of their marriage. I hate that for her too, but it’s not enough to make me vote for someone who publicly funds abortion and wants to continue Obama Care.

Yahweh is for me; I do not fear. What can mere humans do to me?” Psalm 118:6 (LEB).

So now, what about the minorities? We all know I’m an educated young white woman who doesn’t look half bad. (Though you wouldn’t know the latter if you just randomly run into me at the gym or grocery store.) But I also think I should classify as a minority. Face it, our world is changing, and there’s a lot that sets me apart from the norm in today’s world.

  • I publicly profess to be a Christian.
  • I am an active member of a local church.
  • I tithe . . . and pay taxes.
  • I have been married only once, and to the same man for a decade.
  • I resist my urge to shop for shoes at Target.
  • I have never been confused about which restroom to enter. (And if you ever see me set foot in a men’s restroom it’s because I’m chasing after my 4-year-old boy, who even knows he isn’t supposed to be in the women’s.)
  • I have always worked to support myself, even right out of college when I had to work two part-time jobs to pay my bills.
  • I don’t have a tattoo.
  • I’m not on any government handouts or support.
  • I voted for a black man in primary (hint: not Obama).

So, if an educated young white woman like me who’s also a minority in today’s culture can vote for Trump, then that should tell you something. I think we will be OK after today. I feel relieved after much praying for this election, including prayers for both Trump and Hilary. But even if Hilary had won, we would still be just fine. That’s because the president sits in the Oval Office, but the King of heaven sits on the throne. “Yahweh is for me; I do not fear. What can mere humans do to me?” Psalm 118:6 (LEB).


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