For a while I worked in Christian publishing. During that time I took a few seminary courses online, and one of them was Apologetics. This class intrigued me most, because it went over the various biblical ways we can use to defend our religion. It’s important to know enough facts to back up what you believe in and to have an answer ready at all times. Still, I’m no Bible scholar compared to most, and I avoid confrontation unless absolutely necessary.

At the same time, I enjoy my right to share about Jesus. I don’t toss religion in people’s faces, and I don’t condemn those who have different viewpoints. But if a Bible verse, sermon or article speaks to me and I feel compelled to share it, I should be able to do so. After all, that’s what Free Speech is all about, right?

I admit to not having shared some articles, etc. in the past because I know that they are not of popular belief. However, most things that are of popular belief in today’s world are not of my belief. I also have a sense of humor about most things that tend to rub some people the wrong way. Both of these reasons have caused me to delete social media posts in the past.

But one particular day I shared an article that I didn’t find controversial at all. Low and behold though, someone decided to come against it. Why? I don’t know. There are plenty of posts I see on “Fakebook” and Twitter or elsewhere that I don’t agree with at all. Many of these are the personal words written by “friends” too. Yet, I just keep on scrolling. If something doesn’t affect me personally, I don’t feel the need to comment. And even if I do find it personal, I probably won’t comment.

I started to delete the post (as previous Kaci would have), since I hate drama and controversy. But this time I felt no need to apologize for my Christianity. And why should I? If we are unashamed of the gospel of Christ, we should be able to say so. If someone doesn’t share my Christian viewpoint, that’s his or her decision. That doesn’t mean I should act like I am not proud to be a daughter of Christ just to keep them from commenting.

The commenter and I bantered a little, which I hate doing. I have zero tolerance for drama (thus the deleting posts in the past). So I ended it by remarking how such conversations are pointless (especially on “the wall”) and said that it was that person’s choice to follow my posts. If something I say offends someone, I am sorry, but they have just as much right to not read my words as I do to write them.

I write all of this not to open wounds for anyone or to start something, but rather to challenge Christians to not be timid about their beliefs. There is a big difference in the man who goes on college campuses and shakes a Bible in the face of every student who walks by and the person who simply shares John 3:16 on his or her profile page. Being unashamed doesn’t give us the right to shame others, but it does give us the right, privilege and duty to stand boldly for Christ.

If we all wore our beliefs proudly, yet had a compassionate view toward all people, the world would be a much better place. The best witness of all is to live your life before others. Let people see Christ in you, and they will eventually want what you have.

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