In the South, and especially in Alabama, we only have two true seasons: Football Season and Wedding Season. That is because the weather is generally mild enough to have a wedding any time of the year, indoors or out, but nobody wants to compete with a college football game. (Unless you don’t want a lot of people at your ceremony, in which case September through November is a genius time to wed.)

The few brave who dare to battle the Bama might offer a TV at the reception to try and pacify die-hard fans. Otherwise, you will really find out who your true friends are (including family members!) as others will likely choose watching SEC teams battle it out over you and your significant other reciting your vows. Although, there is always that one crazy old uncle who will still come but chooses to wear headphones with Eli Gold tuned up loud.

I am ready for football season as I spent half of last season on bed rest and the other half with a bundled up newborn. At least two games were watched from the hospital room as well. This year it will be awesome to actually get out and tailgate a little and maybe even catch a game from the stadium.

Last year my husband went with his buddies to the LSU game when my son was only a few weeks old. I was left with up-all-night feedings and diaper changes, but was even more jealous about him just getting to go to the game. Something crazy comes over people throughout the South this time of year that makes them do things they normally wouldn’t. At least he (pretended) to feel bad about being away overnight.

As a third-generation Bama fan and someone who’s entire immediate family graduated from Alabama, I must admit that I am actually embarrassed by the enthusiasm of some “fans”. I think it is these rogue warriors that help give us Southerns a bad name. For best example is Harvey Updyke, who poisoned the famous trees at Toomer’s Corner.

This was just a sorry move on the part of a guy who is so enthralled with Tide Pride, he literally named his children Crimson Tide and Bear Bryant. I felt bad for my Auburn fan friends and hate when someone like this becomes known as a symbol of Bama fans in general. Most people who actually went to college or worked at Alabama (or in my case both), have class and would not stoop so low.

It’s somewhat humiliating to see someone painted up crimson and yelling in a news camera obscenities about the opposing team. It gets even worse when the reporter asks when the person graduated from Alabama and he/she replies with something crazy like, “I never went here. Just did a semester at Shelton before my cousin got me on at the mines.”

I am not saying that everyone has to be a UA grad to be a true fan, or even a college grad at all. In fact, if I had been born with a different anatomy I would most likely be resting up right now for a long week working in the woods with my family. But it is crazy to me how people can act out with such extreme hatred toward others due to their team allegiance, especially when they have no real binding ties to their team’s school.

Instead of racism, today we deal with teamism. It is issues like this that gives the South a bad name. In my opinion, we can all be the biggest fans we want. Go crazy with your paints, tailgating RV mansions, etc., but be respectful of others in the process. After all, without opposing teams we cannot even have a game.

We should be proud of all the SEC. I mean, hello! Our conference has dominated as National Champions over the past eight years! So as we trade in our reception tents and wedding cake for tailgate tents and barbecue, let’s all respect one another and make it a great season. And with the utmost respect, I leave you all with a big ROLL TIDE!    

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